Kir Royale
Prosecco poured over Créme de Cassis & garnished with fresh berries.

French 75
Gin, fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup shaken, topped with Prosecco & garnished with a lemon twist.

Just like the lollipop… Kwai Feh Lychee, Midori & fresh lemon juice shaken & served over ice with Créme de Fraise, garnished with fresh berries.

Bombay Sapphire Gin, sugar syrup & fresh lemon juice shaken and served over ice, Créme de Mure float, garnished with fresh berries.

Tom Yam Siam
Freshly crushed chillies & lemongrass, shaken with Vodka, Kwai Feh Lychee, Malibu, sugar syrup & fresh lime juice.

Tokyo Iced Tea
Vodka, Bacardi, Gin, Silver Tequila, Midori, sugar syrup & fresh lime juice, shaken & served over ice, topped with lemonade & garnished with a lime wheel.

Sours (Whisky or Amaretto)
Whisky or Amaretto, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice & Bitters shaken & served over ice, garnished with an orange twist.

Espresso Martini
For those coffee lovers… Patron XO Tequila, Vodka, fresh shot of espresso & sugar syrup shaken and then served in a Martini glass, garnished with coffee beans.

Strawberry (or) Mango Daiquiri
Strawberry or mango puree, White Rum, fresh lime juice & sugar syrup, shaken & then served in a Martini glass, garnished with fresh berries.

Fresh mint & lime wedges crushed together, mixed with Rum & sugar syrup, topped with soda water.

Raspberry Sling
Fresh crushed raspberries shaken with Absolute Raspberry Vodka, Pimms, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup & apple juice served over ice, garnished with fresh berries.

White Russian
Kahlua, Vodka, cream & milk shaken & served over ice,
garnished with chocolate flakes.

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